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inn down then they surroonded me" me"robbed... but not for cash. -3 the number one reason thieves &pare targeting smartphones more than ever...anddwhat you can identity.. if our phone does get stolen. andd...hh's the former congressman who resigned after whht anthony weiner just tweeted for the firstttime - since the scandaa. &p3 3 3 3 thursday, 3 november 8th. 3&p
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a baltimore maa... severely beaten in broad daylight.this morning... in tte hospital ....still recoovring from the attack. attacc.megan gilliland is live at shook rauma witt more on his coodition and eaction - for sussects continues. 3 good orning ggys,the victim is 32-year-old john massn.he was eaten so badly ttat his family sayy he's virtually they want the people responsible... caught. mason's aunt. she's been at hissbedside... since he was police say the attack happenee around 2 o'clockkin thh middle of the day t lombard and howard streets in ddontown baltimore.witnesses say at least four men attacked mason.
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right ow, he's in critical condition... in a coma with multiple skull fracttres and some brain swelling. 3 (jasi) "it has devastated my family.. uum, no one can hasshappened..."(jasi) peveeyone's shocked, they're ppset, thee want to knoo why, -3 why himm" phm?"at ttis point... the & potive is nclear... investtgators were conssdering robbery... but nnthinn was &ptaken from mason. 3 as detectives seaach forr clues... mason's family is reeching out to baltimore..-3 what they're asking you to do -3 live from ssock trauma, megan gilliland, fox45 morring nnws. 3 the murder trial s set... forr thh suspect accused of killing 3 student on campus..- campus.nats nats 3 friends and family of korrneigh mccoy... hhve formedd a gospel group in her memoryy on november 7th 2011... the 19
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year old was breeking up a fight at an onncampus party... when police say fellow studdnt, shanee llggins stabbeddher.kortneigh's motter will serve as a tough lesson to youth bout the importance of controlllng anger. -33 3 "i think aboutther everyday, she consumes me, itts aaways so much 3 you wanted to say the only way 3 prayees""iggins' trial s set 33former baltimore mayor sheila dixon wiil appear in court next month... to face charges of violating her probation. probation. as part of her plea agreement on theft and perjuuy charges... she was ordereddto pay 45-thousand dolllrs to a charity. but court documents show shees 13-thousand dollars behind n those payments..n wednesday... we caught up with hhr... to hear her exppanation.
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3 (sheila dixxn)"i'm eally just finding out about this situation and now ii trying to work to rectify it i mean ive tried to do y bess.. ive completed my coomunity service ive made alot of ayments closs to 20 thousand and im workinggto resolving this""- this"dixon is still collectiig pensionnfrom the city.she's due in court on december 7th... tt aaswer to violation of probation charges. 3 the road is no longer a river, but the streets re - doontown baltimore ...thhnks to anotter water main break. 3 were vacuated yesserday aae now back in their homes... and &pdo have water. ut things are still far from normal. smith is live on charlee including how long commuters this aaea. guyy... look 3 publii works ii expected to come
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3 here sometime this morninggto do more digging and removing & of asphalt... to get a beeter feel for howwbad his reelly is. 3 at least the water as been cut off, ecause yesterday, you needed a boat to navigate ttis stteet. water rushing everywhere. a 0- foot,,ccst iron ater main burst at 8 a-m, and it didn't take long to fllod the streets in 4 block radius. charles street: closed from &p21st street -- through north &pave -- all the waa down to penn station.public works says thh most important thing at phis point is to protect a gas line ear the ater main... so phey're workkng losely with bbg-e to monitor he situation. that means several - roodd in this area wiil remain closed for the coming days. the city issaaking folks o bb -3 patient. 3 21:20 this isn't like when & you go to your kitchen ink. you just can't turn it on and -3 turnnit off. there's a number of turns for each valve, and there are many valves that are involved in this 30patrick & martinn"the water's gone down a bunch sinceei got here, ut it's pretty narly." narly." the pipes underneath charles street are
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90 years old not unliie a lot of the infrastructure aroundd baltimore, which is why public & orks has set aside $$00 mmllion over he next five - years to ry to stop situations like thissbeforr they haapen. 3 a 15 minute ride took an hour -3 and a half yesterray.... today, make thoseeadjussments guys. llve downtown, joel dd 3 33 3 &p3 his second term hasn'' yet begun.... but already... the president has his plaae full. as ainsley earhardt explains... the ost immediite items connronting the president are ... the pxpiring bush-err tax cuts and 3 that could total 800 billion dollars next year... along with filling two positionn in his cabinet. cabinet. 3 a divvded congress plus
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a re-elected president obama -3 pould equallfinanciaa turmoil. the three mmjor iidices plunged on wednesday &pdue to oncerns over the looming fiscal uncertaiity. john lonski / senior economiit at moody's capittl markets:"...there is still an elevated levvl of uncertainny -3related to pooitics hat markets must deal with....'' house speakkr john boehner says he's open to putting politics aside and making a deel with the president o put the nntions finances in order. rep. john boehner / (r-oh) speaker of the house"...the preeident has signaled a willinggess to dootax reform to ower rates. republlcans 3 aacept new revenue if it comes froo rowwh nd refoom. so, pet's start the discussion -3 political analyst says tte &ppepublicans' willingness to come to terms on a deal could & be the result of public pressure.dr. danny hayee / 3 george washington university: " certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffered a loss..." domestic issues aside, he ability of theetwo ssdes to reach an agreementtmany also have an impact on foreign affairs.damon wilson / exxeutive vice pressdent of the atlantic council:" inabillty to strike an agreementtthat's serious, that's long termm that - restores
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confidence in the - fiscal sstuation of the unnted statts in the markets globallyy i think it aatually weakens his hand on every pforeign pooicy issue..." (anchorrtag) the 3 new ecretary ffstate nd treasury secretary. both hillary clinton and tim geithnee are ot xpected to return for the president & second term. in new york, ainsley earhardt fox news. 3 in light of colorado legalizing marijuaaa ...tte goverror warned supporters to not ""breaa out thh cheetos or law is still illegal under federal law.but one marijuana &padvocate made sure the govenor had hii own pprsonal supply of snaaks by delivering some goldfish and cheetos to his office.the new policy will nnt take effect until the governor ratifies the balllts, which should happen within 30 days. 3 baltimore's tourism burrau wants to help gay and lesbiaa - couules plan their weddings... passed questioo six."visit baltimoree created this information gay couples might
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3&&pin the city... like potential venues, vendors, anddhoneymoon planning assissaace... and explains hhwwto get a marriagee licenne from the state ptarting january 1st. can find a liik to the page on our websiteejust go to fox baltimore doo com sllsh newslinks. 3 a nor'easter hits new york and new ersey....just over a week after superstorr sandy devastated the region. & region.the powerful winter storm is pounding arts of the an hour. new york ayor michael bloooberg urged people &pin llw-lying rees to go &&psomewhere safer ... nd even ordered theeevacuationnof fourr chronic care facilitiee - pocated in hhrm's way.the nor'easter also put recovery efforts on hold in new jersey. governor chris christie isn't happy about it, but he showed he still has a sense of humor. 3 i hate set backs,,i don't usually tolerate them very well but this one, can't ccntrol. the weather is what it is. (butt to) ct to 08871994 :36 i'm waiting foo the locusts and pestulants next (laughs).
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(laughs))the stoom is adding &pinsslt o injuuy for more than a half-million ppople still without power after sandy. some long island rail road commuters werr stranded whenn seevice was shut down. thh -3 travelers. hundreds of flightt in ann out of the region have been canccled. the man accused of making the antiiislam film... that stiired up violenne in the middle east... is sentenced o - one year in prison.but ii's not because of the moviee movve.mark basseley admitted using an alias... which prosecutors say violated his 3&pfraud case.he gained worrdwide -3 attentionn.. with the makinn -3 of hii movie innocence of muslimss... which portrays ttee prophet mohammeddas a -33womanizer, ruthless killer ann & child molester. the aamy psychiatrist... -3 accused in tte 2009 fort ood shootinggrrmpage... issnow appealingga court ooder to -3 shave his beard.lawyyrs for &pmajor nidal hasan are asking to ovvrturn the judge's decision... and to get hhm & argue asan's beard is an
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expression of his muslim faith. hasan faces the death penaltyy 3& parolee.. for the attack that kklled 13 people and wounded more than twoodozen oohers. 3 p family says tte diamonds they were expecting in the pail never came.. ecause they weee stolen whhle n transit. & transit.but hese are no ordinary diamonds.they're ade from the cremattd remains off kyle hooas.when thomas diid family paid 15- thousand dollars for his ashes to be pressed inno two diamonds.the company says they held up tteir end of the ddal... ann packed and shipped the remainss &pto he family..ut the family -3 says the aakagg was empty when it got there. &p3 "i'd like to see the people responsible be brought to justice." justicee"the company has plready started making repllcement diamonds for the thomas family out of their son's remaining ashes. 3 coming up n the early 3 considered by some... to be ooe of the most liberal states in the ountry. country.the oting trends that could impact future elections.
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3 liierty mapo 3 3 3 still to come... the eleccion &pwall street.. the dow's worst day of tte year. 3 candiiatee on the campaign &ppooing trends that may be - keeping politiiians away. 3 ((break 2))
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,3 3 tuesday turned out to be a big day for the democratic party marylandvoters ultimmtely proved - on many levels - ttaa maryland is a vvry blue state. melinda roedee reports some - analysts this we might be the most liberal ssate in the nation. nation. 3 when the votes werr talliee tuesday night -- maryland was foo president obama..lectinn - him with a 61-percent majority
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.... one of the laagest margins of victory on the u-s map.despite the fact thatt ooama did almost no campaigniig in maryland. that matter.but in a state so heavily democratic - neither of them need bother to waste time here....12:39:53 " i number of presidential ads inn local media in marylandd because no matter what your preferences were, maryland was gonna be blue. so maryland is definitely a liberal state." political analyst lestee &pspence... doesn't hesitate to call maryland - liberrl. 12:32:22 "and notice, my polittcs are left-leaning."the & proof - can be ffund in many u-s senate.... incumbent democrat ben cardinn was quick to praiseehis party....ben cardin: 10:41:08 - "congratuuatiins to president ffct - aryland's republican &pdelegation is now a lonely party of one...andy harris: 11:53300 "i'll actually be the only representative... in the house."marylann voters - also apprrved this year - some very left-leaninn ballot the dream. and
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we've becomeethe first state to approve gay marriage by eferendum..nd while these moves may puttmaryland in the limmliiht of the left... there's a potential danger in beccoing politically irrelevant.voters' vvices... 3 of the swing states.... 12:39:50 "i think we're already starting to see thht." 3 at ten. 3 straight ahead... the dow plummets... aaday after the & presidential elections. elections.the serious drop... and he reason why aaalysts believe iitmay have taken place. ((break 3))
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3 3 the dowwclosed out wednesday's trading session at its lowest level all year, dropping below 13,000.alison kosik reakk down the nummers from tte new exchange. &p ii was a rutal say on -33 wall street.. aad the selling 3 bell even rang.commentssfrom e- c-b president mario draghi putt & investors in a bad mood..e
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german economyyslowing.for wall street, it's a ign that even tte biggest and strongest 3 the debt crisis.that sent oil priccs in the u-s tumbling nearly 5-percent.but tuesday's presidential ellction -3 certainly wws a factor.the bigg iisue: hho isspressdent obama going to deallwith the bigggst -3 issue facing the u-s economy... the fiscal cliif? patings aggncy fitch fired a - it will downgrade the u-s credit rating if congress does pothing and the economy goes over the one analyst put it today, if therr's no resolution, stocks will plummet and the econnmyywill drown in quicksand.that all senttthe dow tumbling 311- points... the biggest decline - offthe year.we did seeesome individual sectors post big moves... and ii waa a direct results offpresident obama -3 stocks sold off, with j-- morgan chase and bank f americc falling 5-7-percent &peach.the ttinking is that ith &pobama as president, there will & be a ccntinnation of tightt regulation.on tte flip side, hospitals posted the biggest gains among n-y-s-e isted
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commanies.tenet, h-c-a, and other ssrged 10 - percent -3 pach... because one thing is --3for sure... obama-caae is here to stay.that means more americans ill have health insurance and that means more customers for hospitall.thht's & a wraa of a tumultuous dayyon wall street.aliion kosik, att the new ork stock exccange. & 3 ccming up... a show of support -3 for an n-f-l head coach... and former ravens assistant... who's battling cancer. sevvral colts players got... -3 in hhnor of chuck pagano.
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